NYSE Electrical Inspections

NYS Electrical inspections highly trained, certified, and experienced site inspectors will perform electrical inspections that meet all national and local electrical codes. Contractors, commercial, and residential customers are assured of competent, safe, inspections from the start to finish of your projects. We cover both Nassau and Suffolk County, NY.

Integrity Expediting

Whether you are planning a new project at your house or simply want to legalize a previously constructed alteration, Integrity Expediting can help! First, we’ll discuss the applications you need to file as well as how to obtain all documents required to file the application. Then, we’ll work with you and for you to obtain your Certificate of Compliance or Occupancy from the Town. If you are dealing with Town violations, time is of the essence, so we’ll work quickly and efficiently to resolve your case in the allotted timeframe.

PSEG Retrofit Lighting Rebate

Is the lighting in your building optimal? Are you using high-efficiency fixtures? Lighting can improve sales, productivity and modernize your space. You may qualify for both indoor and outdoor lighting rebates that will help reduce your upfront costs when installing qualified products. Let us light your way to greater savings and rebates.